14 Nov 2013

Clean 9 Detox from Forever Living

Jess Hoyle


Hi, this blog post is about my experience with the Clean 9 Detox from Forever Living. This programme has literally changed me so much that I had to share the good news and results.

Having been on every diet known to man, I thought why not try this one. At least it’s all about cleaning the inside, and what with all the processed foods we eat, we all need a good clean out! Read More…

28 Oct 2013

1920′s Hair Style

Jess Hoyle

1920s Hair Style

The Roaring Twenties was a time of jazz music, the Charleston, old Hollywood and The Great Gatsby. It’s a time that ladies said goodbye to long Victorian hair styles and embraced the new short hair style.

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23 Oct 2013

How Often Should I Change My Hairstyle?

Jess Hoyle

Jess Hoyle - Powder Puffs and Pin CurlsAs women, we can change our minds when we feel like it. That means we can also change our hair whenever we feel like it too. Our hair is one of the first things people see. We always want it to look the best that it can look. When the styles and trends change, and our current hairstyles are not “in” anymore, then it’s time to make a change so that we can look our best. There are many other reasons to change our hairstyles as well and the best news is that how often we decide to change it is completely up to us.

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13 Oct 2013

Fancy a Free Hair Cut in October?

Jess Hoyle

Free hair cut when you book a colour

I was having a bad hair day the other day, so I decided to do something about it. I cut and coloured it and now I feel like a new me!

If you would like to feel like ‘a new you’, then I am offering a free hair cut when you book for a colour.

This offer ends on 31st October 2013 and is available to anyone in the London area.

Hope to see you soon X

08 Mar 2012

Powder Puffs & Pin Curls @Rhapsody Road Pop Up Studio

Jess Hoyle


Come on down to this amazing week of photography fun. I will be there on Friday doing wedding make overs and to make it extra special is you get a great picture to remember how amazing you look.

08 Mar 2012

Powder Puffs & Pin Curls @Craft Central

Jess Hoyle

Get Hitched @Craft Central

Powder Puffs & Pin Curls will be attending the Craft Central Wedding fair on 22nd – 25th March 2012. Hope to see you all there.

16 Sep 2011

WOW, Thank you Daily Candy your so sweet!

Jess Hoyle

Daily Candy Article

I am truly blessed. I can say that I am one of the few people that loves my job.

Happy reading people there are going to be so many new things to tell you about. You can read the full article here, http://www.dailycandy.com/everywhere/article/110477/Powder-Puffs-Pin-Curls-At-Home-Hairdresser-and-Makeup

lipstick kisses xxx

07 Sep 2011

Concrete Market Croydon

Jess Hoyle

Powder Puffs & Pin Curls went South for the Concrete Market Vintage Fair @ the Oval Public House Croydon.

There were some great people and amazing handmade homewere and jewellery. Tina @tobyboo was the hostess with the mostess with her amazing organising and even better products.

I did a few make overs, face painting and even a few hair cuts, had a lovely time looking forward to the next event!

11 Aug 2011

Vintage Festival

Jess Hoyle

So two weeks a go Powder Puffs & Pin Curls packed up there brushes and heated rollers and headed down to the Southbank centre for the festival of Britain created by Wayne Hemmingway and his wife.

We were in the VIP lounge for Mastercard, creating some 40s and 50s hair and makeup. It was three hard long days but loved every minute!!

My team were amazing and the customers were very happy with our services.

I met some great people (tina @ tobyboo), check out her website. Amazing home ware and art work by  www.tobyboo.co.uk  and James the photographer. You can email him through info@lifepix.co.uk. It was a great weekend and an amazing experience.

11 Aug 2011

A*M*E signed and sealed!!!

Jess Hoyle


A*M*E - hair and makeup by Jess Hoyle


A*M*E (Amy) has finally been signed to Universal and is in the studio creating the music we will all be dying to hear.  She’s a cool, sassy, funky gal with attitude in all the right ways not bad for a sixteen year old!! Good luck Amy and can’t wait for your first shoot and video comb at the ready. (hair by Powder Puffs & Pin Curls)