Clean 9 Detox from Forever Living


Hi, this blog post is about my experience with the Clean 9 Detox from Forever Living. This programme has literally changed me so much that I had to share the good news and results.

Having been on every diet known to man, I thought why not try this one. At least it’s all about cleaning the inside, and what with all the processed foods we eat, we all need a good clean out!

The Detox Plan

So the plan is for 9 days. I am not going to lie, it’s hard but worth it. The first 2 days you’ll feel a little rubbish, but that’s good because it means the toxins are working their way out of your body. From day 3 until day 9 you really start reaping the benefits in so many ways, you’ve started a new way of life.

I feel that after years of struggling with food and diets, this has taught me about clean eating, the right portion size and how what we put in our bodies really does show on the outside. (We are what we eat).

The Results

In total I lost 9lbs and 9.5 inches. My hair is in great condition, my nails have never been so strong and my lashes have grown. Plus my IBS has gone! How many diets do you know that have all these added benefits?

After such great results I am now carrying on with the nurti lean programme. I’ve decided to start selling these products, they actually sell themselves. I know that many brides, women and men will benefit from this just as I have. With a 60 day money back guarantee how can you say no?

So ladies, gents, brides or anyone that wants to try the Clean 9 Detox for a forever beautiful inside and out, please call me on 07852 425 546 or you can join me on Facebook.

Also anyone looking to have their own business with endless opportunities or just to earn some extra cash at Christmas then you can come and join my team.

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