How Often Should I Change My Hairstyle?

Jess Hoyle - Powder Puffs and Pin CurlsAs women, we can change our minds when we feel like it. That means we can also change our hair whenever we feel like it too. Our hair is one of the first things people see. We always want it to look the best that it can look. When the styles and trends change, and our current hairstyles are not “in” anymore, then it’s time to make a change so that we can look our best. There are many other reasons to change our hairstyles as well and the best news is that how often we decide to change it is completely up to us.

Life Changes

There are times in our lives when we go through immense life changes. We may change careers, we may change relationships, or even our seasons in life may change. Sometimes it is comforting to change our hairstyles right along with the stuff that’s going on in our lives. We may find that our once high maintenance hairstyle isn’t easy to style every day.

For instance, once a woman has a baby, her time is tied up in caring for a baby most of the time. Sometimes our hairstyle needs to be easy to handle. A cute wash-and-go is usually a great hairstyle for new mums. Be careful not to go too drastic, since there are still some hormones whirling around in there. Sometimes breaking free from a relationship warrants a change in hairstyles. Sometimes new hair colours can be a refreshing change as well.


There are many women out there that neglect themselves for so long with a family crisis, or maybe even just everyday monotony. Sometimes that causes women to lose their confidence and self-esteem. When you find yourself throwing your hair up into a ponytail every day, or just simply not doing anything, it is definitely time for a hairstyle change. Frankly, it may be time for a total makeover.

When we simply get a cut and a style and the hairdresser explains an easy way to style your hair every day, it can make a huge difference in the way we feel about ourselves. Pair that with some new clothing that is on trend, and you could give yourself a good confidence boost. Start with the hairstyle so that you can work from there. You’ll feel better about yourself immediately.

Personal Maturity

Sometimes we grow out of the style that we’ve always worn. When we turn 26 and we’ve landed the job that we’ve always dreamed of having, it may be time to change hairstyles. What worked when we were 21 may not go as well in a corporate environment managing a large group of people. When we have reached a particular age, that cutting edge style that was cool when we were wild and crazy in our 20′s isn’t any longer. Sometimes a change in hairstyles will give you a better chance of adapting and succeeding in new things that may occur in your life.

Age and Times

We also need to remember that as we get older, we can’t pull off styles that we did when we were 17 years old. As with our makeup, our hair also needs to be age appropriate. There are great styles for older women that complement their features and make them look younger. A great rule of thumb is to remind yourself when you turn a new age decade to evaluate your style. Ask yourself if your hairstyle is still becoming, and does it still flatter your face and skin? Does it still work with your style of clothing? When we go into a new decade, try not to keep the hairstyle that was on trend during the previous decade. Try to be a part of what’s new and coming into style, rather than holding on to a style that was “so last year”.

Our hair can be a determining factor of how we feel and what others think of us. It is our crowning glory. We check our hair right before we walk out of the house. What do you look at first when you look into a mirror? Your hair matters, and what is most important is that it makes you feel the best that you can feel, because you deserve it.

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